The NCFE Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Preparations for Coaching Sport has been accredited by the qualifications regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland1, and is part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). For further guidance on funding, please contact your local funding provider. NCFE is a Component Awarding Body (CAB) for the 14-19 Diploma.

This qualification is supported by the Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure Diploma Development Partnership (DDP) as Specialist Learning and features in the Additional Specialist Learning (ASL) catalogue. This qualification may also be included in the ASL catalogue for other lines of learning.

Aims of the Qualification

  • provide an introduction to sports coaching
  • Provide learners with the fundamental skills and principles required to safely deliver sports coaching sessions.

Entry Guidance

There aren't any specific recommended prior learning requirements for this qualification; however learners might find it helpful if they've already achieved a Level 1 qualification. This qualification is designed for learners aged 14-19, and so is suitable for learners aged pre-16 and above. Centres are responsible for ensuring that this qualification is appropriate for the age and ability of learners. They need to make sure that learners can fulfil the requirements of the assessment criteria and comply with the relevant literacy, numeracy and health and safety aspects of this qualification. Learners registered on this qualification shouldn't undertake another qualification at the same level with the same, or a similar title, as duplication of learning may affect funding levels.

Achieving this Qualification

This qualification consists of 5 mandatory units:

  • Unit 01 Understanding the fundamentals of coaching sport
  • Unit 02 Understanding how to develop participant(s) through coaching sport
  • Unit 03 Supporting participant(s)' lifestyle through coaching sport
  • Unit 04 Understanding the principles of safe and equitable coaching practice
  • Unit 05 Assist in the delivery of a sports activity session

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each unit are provided in Section 3. To be awarded the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Preparations for Coaching Sport, learners are required to successfully complete 5 mandatory units. To achieve the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Preparations for Coaching Sport, learners must successfully demonstrate their achievement of all learning outcomes and assessment criteria detailed in this Qualification Specification. Grades are not awarded.
Learners who aren't successful can resubmit work within the registration period; however, a charge may apply. A Credit and Unit Summary Certificate can be requested for learners who don't achieve the full certificate but who have achieved at least one whole unit.

Progression Opportunities

Learners who achieve this qualification could progress to:

  • Larger Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications in Coaching Sport
  • NCFE Level 2 Award in Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events
  • NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • NCFE Level 2 Award in Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition
  • NCFE Level 3 Certificate for the Outdoor Industry
  • NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Outdoor Activity Leadership NCFE Level 2 NVQ in Instructing Exercise and Fitness
  • NCFE Level 3 NVQ in Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise
  • NCFE Level 2 NVQ in Sport, Recreation and Allied Occupations: Operational Services
  • NCFE Level 2 NVQ in Sport, Recreation and Allied Occupations: Activity Leadership 14-19 Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure

Credit Transfer

One of the benefits of the QCF is that learners can transfer credit from one qualification to another. Learners who've already achieved one or more of the units included in this qualification elsewhere can transfer the credit already achieved. Simply let us know which units are being achieved by credit transfer on the Certificate Claim Form.

How are they Assessed?

They will be assessed by your tutor or assessor using a range of methods. This could include tasks such as designing charts or leaflets, coursework or methods such as oral questioning.

Do you need to be working to take the Qualification?

No, as these are knowledge only qualification.

How long do they take to complete?

You can usually complete this in a year or less.

Which type of Job Roles can Learners Apply for on Completion?

This qualification do not qualify you to work but do provide a starting point for deciding whether a career in the sector is right for you.

Qualification Reference Number

Certificate: 501/1151/6