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Posted On March 31, 2022

10 Ways to Make Your CV Employer Ready

10 Ways to Make Your CV Employer Ready
Are you looking for employment following your successful completion of one of our courses? Are you unsure how you can come close to guaranteeing employment with an outstanding CV, then look no further as we outline ten ways you can improve your CV.

Include Keywords

Its important that you mention keywords outlined in the job specification within your CV.

This is important for two reasons:

  • Your CV may not be read by a human. Many large corporations are cutting costs and are relying on technology to filter through thousands of CV’s they may get for a particular job role. As such a computer will look for specific keywords outlined in the job role to ensure you are right for the role.
  • Another reason why this is important is because if you CV is read by a human they will need to see that you match the criteria outlined in the specification, by mentioning the keywords you give yourself a better chance of success.

Quantify Your Achievements

Whilst discussing your skills and experiences is important, it is much more important to quantify them. This will show the employee that you are aware of the importance of results and are able to achieve them.

So instead of saying ‘I employed content marketing strategies within my role as a Digital Marketer within my last period of employment’

Try saying ‘ I employed content marketing strategies during my last period of employment for all our social media campaigns which saw our online engagement rise by 5% within 6 months’

Check for Mistakes

This is employers number one pet peeve and can make a big difference to whether your CV is considered or whether it goes straight into the bin.

It is imperative that you check your CV multiple times for punctuation, spelling or grammatical errors you may have made. We would also highly recommend you sending your CV to a friend or family member to look over to ensure you haven’t missed any mistake. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes makes all the difference.

Create Multiple CV’s

Not all job roles are the same so why would you send out the same CV?

We always advise students to write multiple CV’s for different industries and job roles. By creating multiple CV’s your more likely to land your dream job as the CV is personalised to the job at hand- something the employer will immediately recognise.

Revise Presentation

The employer won’t want to have to search for the information they are looking for so it’s important that the format of your CV is clear and concise.

Ensure Your CV has the following:

  • An easily readable font such as Calibri, Helvetica or Times New Roman
  • Clear concise headings such as (Personal Statement, Work Experience, Skills and Abilities, Hobbies and Interests )
  • Font Size of between 10.5 and 12

Include Voluntary Work

Many students often forget to put voluntary work on their CV, but this is a big opportunity missed.

Voluntary work can be just as important as paid work. It very often shows abilities to work in a team, be compassionate and dedicated and displays an eagerness to help.

Write about your volunteer experiences as if it were a paid position, giving an overview of your responsibilities, how you met them and what you achieved.

Include Whats Necessary

Don’t think you have to include every job you have ever had, often employees will overlook these CV’s. Its important you include roles and experiences that are relevant to the job you are applying for to show how you can meet the responsibilities of the job.

Including every job you have ever had means your CV will also be exhaustively long. Try to stick to between 1-2 pages- this way you wont fall into the trap of including everything.

Avoid Cliches

Employers receive hundreds upon thousands of applications for any given role so its vital you find ways of standing out.

Avoid cliches such as:

  • “I’m a passionate and hardworking individual”
  • “I work well independently and in a team”
  • “I have good communication skills”
  • “I have a strong attention to detail”
Think of ways in which you can stand out or find ways of incorporating these skills into industry specific scenarios to prove your worth to the employer.

Research the Job Role

This is the number one thing you have to do for each and every application that you send out.

By researching the job role you ensure you meet the needs of the employer and more importantly it ensures it the right role for you.

Make sure to pay attention to skills, qualifications and achievement required to ensure you are fulfilling the needs of employer.

Explain Gaps in Employment

Whilst you may have reasonable explanations for gaps in employment its important your employer understands why.

If you have been out of employment due to illness, to travel, to study or complete a personal project be clear and transparent with the employer.

Time spent outside of employment is never a bad thing and there is often plenty of ways in which a gap in employment has benefited you.

Are you reaching the end of your course with us at Scholars School System and are in need of support with your CV or cover letter? Please talk to your lecturer for support and guidance of how you can boost your employability via helpful tweaks to your CV.

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