Learning French can be a great way to improve employment prospects as well as a pleasure in its own right. French is an official language in 28 countries and, along with English, is the official working language of the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, the International Red Cross, the European Court of Justice and a number of other international organisations. Learning French, and gaining a French IGCSE, gives you many choices for future studies or a career. With a French IGCSE you will learn to understand and communicate effectively in French, with abilities in both written and spoken French.

Course Overview

The IGCSE French course will help you understand and learn to use both written and spoken French, and develop a knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary. You will learn to use the French language in a range of familiar and practical contexts and for a variety of purposes.

To put the language in context, you will also develop an understanding of the country and the people who live there.

IGCSE French is assessed through three papers which cover written assessment in listening, reading and writing skills. It is suitable for delivery in schools and colleges, and is graded A* to G.

Course Content

The French IGCSE course is designed to prepare students for the Edexcel IGCSE in French (4FR0) Specification for examinations in June 2012 and later years.

Key topics


You will develop understanding and use of the spoken and written forms of French, in a range of familiar and practical contexts, and for a variety of purposes


You will develop the ability to communicate effectively in French through both the spoken and written word, using a range of vocabulary and structures


You will develop a knowledge and understanding of the language's grammar and its practical application


You will develop a knowledge and understanding of the countries and communities where French is spoken


You will be encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards modern foreign language learning, and will be given a suitable foundation for further study of the language, or another language.

Payment Option

  • You can either pay for your course in full or opt for a monthly payment plan.
  • Standard Course Fee: £500/month for a combination of 5 courses that includes French
  • You can speak to one of our course advisors now for payment plans. Contact Us
  • Please note that you are responsible for making your own exam arrangements. You will have to pay an examination fee as well as a centre fee which will vary depending on exam centre.
  • Find out more information about arranging your examinations.

Entry Requirements

You don't need any previous experience or qualifications to enrol in our IGCSE French course. Every possible effort has been made to make this type of education as accessible as possible.


Internal Assessment


For examinations from June 2014 onwards.

  • Paper 1 - Listening
  • Paper 2 - Reading and Writing
  • Paper 3 - Speaking
    Exams take place every June

Paper 1: 4FR0/01 - Listening
  • The paper is assessed through an examination paper lasting 30 minutes, plus five minutes' reading time paper, set and marked by Edexcel.
  • The examination will cover a range of topic areas. The examination will consist of several short recordings played by the invigilator. Students will have five minutes' reading time before the recordings are played to read through the paper and familiarise themselves with it. The recordings, each of which will be heard twice and will last no longer than 30 minutes including pauses. All texts will be spoken by native speakers.

Paper 2: 4FR0/02 - Reading and Writing
  • The paper is assessed through an examination paper set and marked by Edexcel, lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Students will be required to read a range of authentic factual and non-factual written material of varying length, in different registers and contexts, and from different sources. These may include advertisements, short passages, messages, letters, information leaflets, faxes, emails, website pages, newspaper and magazine articles.
  • The questions will require a combination of non-verbal responses and answers in the target language. In order to answer the questions, students will need to use a range of reading techniques such as skimming, scanning and in-depth reading for details.

Paper 3: 4FR0/03 - Speaking test
  • This speaking test will recognise the achievement of the student in speaking the target language.
  • The test will be divided into two sections. Each student chooses the topic area for Section A;
  • In Section A, the student will give a presentation of one minute about their chosen topic, relating to a picture of their choice. A conversation with the interviewer about the topic will then follow, for up to three minutes.
  • For Section B, Students will take part in conversations with the interviewer on two separate topic areas. These topic areas will be different from the topic area chosen by the student for Section A. Section B will last up to a maximum of 6 minutes, with approximately three minutes for each conversation.

No coursework is required as part of the assessment for this course. It is 100% exam based

Assessment Date

Exams are held every June.

Study/Support Period

Period for study/support is 12 months. This is the maximum available time and it may be reduced, depending on time period between your registration and exam period. During this time, you will have full access to data and information relevant to your course. However, you will have to be on campus to access on line data and library resources.


Attendance to lectures will be strictly monitored.

Future Prospects

A French qualification may be directly beneficial for many careers and your French IGCSE will demonstrate to employers that you have the ability to commit to learning, and have acquired good language and expressive skills - essential in practically every walk of life.
The IGCSE French can also provide progression to GCE AS and Advanced GCE level, and other equivalent qualifications.