SSS is also providing you an excellent opportunity to further enhance and develop your intellectual skills with additional optional subjects. This is particularly relevant to students who have inherited a cultural and religious heritage but is available to the wider general public as well.

Subjects that we are offering include:

  • URDU

General Information

  • For further information regarding Finances, see Fee Structure
  • No entry requirements for optional courses
  • Support period is the same as for main courses


This learning course has been developed to cater for people who are beginners or can speak Urdu to an intermediate level. Vocabulary, structures and an understanding of grammar will help them to develop their writing skills, enabling them to communicate effectively. Please note that we will not be registering you for examinations with Edexcel. All the assessment for this subject will be internal and will comprise of tests and assignments. The course itself will adhere to the standards of IGCSE and same syllabus will be taught. Successful completion of the course will entitle you to a learner’s certificate from the institution.

IGCSE Arabic

This course has been designed to develop students’ ability to read, understand and respond to material from a variety of sources.

  • To develop students’ ability to communicate accurately in writing, matching style to audience and purpose.
  • To develop students’ understanding of the structure and variety of language
  • To further their personal development and understanding of themselves and the world around them
  • To develop an appreciation of the richness, beauty and diversity of the Arabic language.

Assessment will be purely internal and will be designed to test the knowledge and understanding acquired throughout the teaching period.
Further relevant information about the course can be found by contacting us

IGCSE Islamic Studies

The main objectives of this course include:

  • To give students an understanding of the basic tenets of Islam and, in particular, to elaborate those specific areas apposite to the approach of their own religious grouping, sect or school of thought
  • To enhance their acquaintance with Islam by referring to its traditions, laws, writings and practices
  • To respond to contemporary issues from a Muslim perspective.

One of the key features of this course is the comprehensive and detailed description of subject content.

Assessment for this course will be in the form of monthly/weekly tests. At the end of the teaching period, you will be required to sit an examination.