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Admission Policies and Procedures

Admissions at SSS

We welcome high-performing talented students who contribute a wide range of experiences, opinions and perspectives. We aim to support you throughout your journey at SSS!

Admission Policies and Procedures

Our core aim is to provide educational opportunities for all, we take pride in creating vibrant and diverse learning environments for our students. We believe that Vocational / Further education is the most important milestone in building a strong foundation in transition from primary to higher academia.

Scholars School System aims to encourage potential learners from all communities, who want to continue their education by creating a thriving environment for the learning and growth. We strongly follow our Equal Opportunity policy in place to ensure that each applicant is individually assessed, without prejudice or discrimination.

Admissions Process

Initial Screening

All applications received are collated and processed by the admissions team for initial screening, this consists of team members from Student Recruitment and Academic Department.

This process involves validating all learner documents (ID/Certificates), providing IAG about the prospective course and assessing communication skills. Learners are also required to provide a personal statement detailing why they want to study at Scholars School System .

Interview/English Language Assessment

This stage of the admissions process ensures that prospective students have the relevant proficiency in English Language, as all our courses are delivered in English. An interview is conducted by the admissions team and learner are referred to complete an initial English/Maths BKSB assessment.

The results of the initial assessments will determine your acceptance on the proposed course of study. After this stage, learners will be given a brief presentation to further evaluate their communication skills.

English Language Test Requirements

  • English Requirement: IELTS 4.5 or above (If applicable), BKSB English/Maths (Level 1/2- Mandatory)
  • NQF/QCF Level: Level 3 and Above

Final Decision

Your selection for enrolment will be based on the screening/assessment process which the admissions team will analyse strictly. If you have been successful, we will issue you with a conditional offer letter which you will need to sign and return. Once all terms and conditions have been agreed to you will be issued a final offer letter and will be given details on your induction and course start date.


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Academic Partnerships & Affiliations

We take pride in being members of professional institutions and are dedicated to working hard for the betterment of our students.