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Your wellbeing

Wellbeing refers to the state of one's physical, mental and emotional health and the resources and support available to maintain or improve it.

Life at Glance

The Scholars School System embraces deep intellectual curiosity, creativity and individuality. Our students, faculty and staff support each other within a respectful and diverse campus community.

Student Support

Throughout your time here at Scholars School System you will supported every step of the way

Our Support and Welfare team are here to help you, from choosing the right course and applying to be a part of SSS – until the day you get your qualification and progress in your chosen career. Our aim is to establish a support system for students under any circumstances - integrating existing staff responsibilities, which can include Pastoral Support, Safeguarding and Wellbeing of all learners.


Where a member of staff is concerned about the wellbeing of a student, he/she may want to share personal information about the student with relevant staff whose role is to provide support in such circumstances. Similarly, staff may wish to share personal information about a student with a third party, because of significant concerns regarding the person’s wellbeing. Any such actions should be made in accordance with the Scholars School System data protection policies.

Standard of Support Provision

We will deal with all requests and enquiries accurately, promptly and efficiently.

  • Ensure that all our staff are delivering services which are appropriately qualified, trained and supported in their roles.
  • We seek regular feedback from service users and have clear procedure for any complaint, compliment or suggestions.
  • Participate in a quality improvement/assurance process
  • Provide data for annual self-assessment report.

Prevent and Safeguarding

Designated safeguarding officers, will continuously observe and monitor the students safeguarding policy. Intervention will be carried out for any potential vulnerable students or students at risk. Any student who is at risk by the means of progress, safeguarding and wellbeing, will be supported by providing one on one support.

All students have access to our Student Support Office, where they can openly raise any concerns or issues, they may be facing in strict confidence. The purpose of this service is to identify learners who feel challenged or struggling to produce desirable results.

Support for Students

Find answers to over 1,000 frequently asked questions (FAQs), covering a wide variety of topics about student life. Each FAQ has a 'Contact Us' button so should you need extra information, you can speak to the most relevant support team.

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Academic Partnerships & Affiliations

We take pride in being members of professional institutions and are dedicated to working hard for the betterment of our students.