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Student Facilities

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The Scholars School System embraces deep intellectual curiosity, creativity and individuality. Our students, faculty and staff support each other within a respectful and diverse campus community.

Student Facilities

We have a range of facilities on campus to help you make the most of student life at Scholars School System .

Our campus offers an array of facilities, including quality teaching and learning space for any subject to enhance you studies. With wireless network and internet connections in every room, students also have access to the latest technology and learning resources. There are also multiple places to relax and socialise, including a cafeteria and local coffee shops.

Scholars School System has a dedicated instructional computing facility with a high-speed internet access point. Free wireless access is available at hotspots throughout the campus for all students.

Scholars School System has its own library which offers a wide selection of text books that are a key resource to your educational success. We have a flexible lending system to allow students to borrow books to accommodate individual needs.

We offer a Virtual Learning Environment system were students can interact and discuss key topics, ideal for networking between students. All learning materials are available both online and offline and accessible on a range of devices. Our students find it very easy to access tutors and learning support through their Online Portal and Zoom meetings held online

There are photocopiers and printers available for students to use on every floor.

While continuing with their studies, students desiring to improve academic English skills are encouraged to attend language classes.

Our career guidance is provided by specialists in specific fields such as head of the department or industrial coordinators. Student's welfare department may also help the students to search part time jobs to support them during study period.

Academic Partnerships & Affiliations

We take pride in being members of professional institutions and are dedicated to working hard for the betterment of our students.