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Student's Success Stories

Monica Dragoi

Hi there, my name is Monica Dragoi, and I’m a Foundation Business student at Scholars School System in Birmingham. I have met lots of different students from different backgrounds here at Scholars School System, I’m enjoying getting back ... Read More

Renata Valeanu

Scholars School System is a well-established college; the tutors and staff are very professional and are always happy to help. The experience is fantastic, and I did not think I would have the opportunity to study at my age.

Negoescu Alexandru

Hi, my name is Negoescu Alexandru one of the student Rep at Scholars School System at Business management with foundation year. I’m on level 4 cohort 6 and after foundation year I could say I did enjoy this time together with my colle... Read More

Madalina Costea

The lecturers here are truly outstanding, and their commitment to academic excellence is truly inspiring. I have found that they have an exceptional ability to engage their students and make even the most complex topics accessible and easy to underst... Read More

Bazou Marc Zaidi

My experience at the Scholars School System Is incredibly positive, and I am grateful for the knowledge, skills, and connections I am gaining. I highly recommend this university to anyone seeking a supportive and enriching academic experience.

Ruthlyn Dennis Bent

SSS is committed to developing its students into well-rounded individuals, offering a wide range of extracurricular activities and events that helped us develop skills beyond academics. These opportunities allowed me to meet new people, explore new i... Read More

Nurhan Nurhan

The university staff is very helpful and supportive, always going above and beyond to ensure that students had the resources they needed to succeed. They are always available to answer any questions and offer guidance, which is instrumental in my aca... Read More

Alina Nicoleta

I am delighted to share my positive experience with the Scholars School System.  I am fortunate enough to have some of the best lecturers who are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about their subjects. Their teaching style is engaging, ... Read More

Mashuk Ali

I am very proud to become a student at Scholars School System; the teacher and staff are beneficial, and I am proud of myself for learning more in the future.

Shyamol Anthony

I learned many new things when I joined this university. It allowed me to learn new things about business and gave me life skills I can keep forever.

Ionatan Stefan

My experience has been excellent; my teacher Sam has been a great help and professional and is always there to help me when I need assistance. 

Simona Chelu

My experience here at Scholars School System has been fantastic. All the staff members have been beneficial, and the business course has made me more confident.

Rares Dragomir

I chose to study at Scholars School System because the days fit around my daily life. I would recommend this University to other candidates looking for a better opportunity to succeed.

Monica Daraban

I am studying at Birmingham Campus and enjoy getting help from the teachers and academic support. I am expanding my knowledge daily through the lectures given.

Ahmed M Hamed Ali

I did not think I would have the opportunity to study again; Scholars School System is a very safe environment for learning, and it is a very diverse place to learn. I would recommend this to other people who are looking to learn.

Bogdan Gabriel Radu

Scholars School System is a friendly place; Teachers are prepared and professional with us as students. I will share my experience with other friends and share the School program.

Vasile Marius Dumitru

It has been a great pleasure to be a student at Scholar School System, I have always loved this place as my teachers are very helpful and respectful. 
I have made friends for life here and this has been the best experience I have ever had.&... Read More

Yousif Abdalla

My name is Yousif Abdalla. I study Health & Social care at Scholars School System. I like to give feedback on staff and teachers. My teacher Dr Green is very helpful.  The staff are great and help me with any questions I have.

Tanzila Noshin

I am studying here at Scholar's School System in Manchester. I am enjoying getting back to education and learning. I get a lot of help from staff on a daily basis and staff are really helpful, they update us with every bit of information we need.

Arin Mhmad

Hi my name is Arin Mhmad I am currently studying Health and Social Care. I am really happy with the level of professionalism and friendliness of the staff and teachers. I am really enjoying the course and feel like I am expanding my knowledge&nb... Read More

Asim Rana

By attending Scholars School System, I have gained confidence. I have met lots of different students from different cultures and backgrounds. I find the teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful. I have learnt things which I didn't know b... Read More

Parvin Salehi

I am a student at Scholar School System and I enjoy my studies with Dr Green. He is a very good Lecturer and helps me to understand my work. While studying here I have had a good experience with the staff as they are very helpful, supportive and frie... Read More

Renata Nistorova

Hi, my name is Renata Nistorova and I am studying with Scholar School System. I am really happy that I came to study Health and Social care with this university because the people here are the best. They help you with everything and they take care of... Read More

Ali Shan

I chose to study at Scholars School System because it gives me the ability to study at my own pace. The environment is amazing. The Academic staff are very helpful with any concerns I have and the teacher is very knowledgeable and gives us time to un... Read More

Dobir Miah

I have a very good time studying at Scholars School System in Manchester. My tutor is Dr Green he is very supportive and friendly.

Lareb Ali 

I have started this course this year and I am really enjoying my experience here at Scholars School System. I have had a lot of help from the teachers and they have made my experience of getting back in education a lot easier and very enjoyable.

Margret Hutchinson

Scholar Schools System has been a great experience for me! I was not in the position to study for a long time so the thought of going back to higher education was scary but I found that taking the leap and enrolling in Scholars School System was a bi... Read More

Nesrin Sulaiman

Studying with Scholars School System has been great! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. I have met lots of great people and I am really enjoying my time studying Business Management. And I am looking forward to the opportunities that having my busi... Read More

Paulina Muszynska

This course at Scholars School System has and still, teaches me how to push my limits, how to prepare myself for the real world and how to build my future.

Shabana Sohail

The main reason I like Scholar School System is that it is a multicultural university college centre located in a diverse, friendly, and vibrant city that is suitable for everyone.
The course is extremely interesting and well-structured.
Th... Read More

Deborah Lincan

I chose SSS because they have a great education system, I’m very happy to be attending Scholars School System and I am very happy with the help I’m getting from the teachers and staff members while learning at SSS. The experience I’... Read More

Mukarrab Jafferi

From the moment I stepped onto the campus I was welcomed with friendly staff members who have gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome and have also helped me with my course work every step of the way. I would like to thank my lecturers and... Read More

Sara Khalil

At the Scholar's School System, there is no difficulties, I found everything was just right. I always get good feedback when handing over assignments from the lecturer with some good advice.
I have enjoyed doing this course, it gave me a world o... Read More

Alexandra Mihaela Mihai

I loved the Scholars school System since the day I came here. The teachers respect me, and I respect them. The teachers always have a positive attitude, and they will give you the best answer to your question.

Mihaela Ruso

I started studies here at Scholars School System, I have learned a lot from the teacher and other students in our group learning, I can’t wait to start my next year!

Christina Tonu

I like coming to Scholars School System, it is always informative and friendly, I am looking forward to completing my studies and making a start on my future.

Laura Daniela Crivat  

I am studying business here at Scholars School System, the school has helped me achieve my goals for the future and the staff are always friendly and helpful.

Aisha Nazir

My time here has been amazing, I have met some good people.
The teachers and staff are very kind and always helpful to me when needed.

Raluca Balica

I like learning here at London’s Scholar School System campus, I want a better future and I would like to say thank you to the staff at SSS for helping me achieve this!

Madalena Constea

I made so much progress here at Scholars School System, the tutors and support team are so patient with me.
I look forward to continuing my studies next year.

Diana Emilia Nagara

I have learned so much at Scholar School System whilst studying at the London Campus, the teachers and staff are very helpful.
I have met so many people, who are now my friends.

Petrisor Dumitru

Our student Peter got in touch to tell us to about his success about his own business.

“I would like to thank Scholars School System because their help made a huge difference in preparing me to start my own business.I have joined thi... Read More

Tuta Miah

I have recently returned to studying after a long period out of education. I have found all the staff at Scholars School System to be very friendly and supportive. The atmosphere is good and the staff arealways happy to answer any questions that we a... Read More

Turcanu Carmen

I joined this college for business course. I found SSS college’s staff very helpful. I have learnt more new skill and improved my knowledge. I have learnt team building skills, working together as a team. I think this is a good start for my car... Read More

Shahid Choudhry

This course is ideal for me because I am looking to pursue a career in the health and social care sector. From this course I gained an in depth understanding of how to support and care for vulnerable members of society, for example people with physic... Read More

Faisal Khan

I am Faisal khan. I joined this college for business course. I found SSS college staff very helpful. I have learnt more new skill and improved my knowledge. I have learnt team building skills, working together as a team. I think this is a good start ... Read More

Dumitru Onea

This course will open up doors to a career in a huge range of industries and also this will give me the knowledge needed to start up on my own. I am really happy to study at Scholars School System because they provide excellent support to all student... Read More

Devaney Ferguson

I have joined this college to gain qualification in business. The staffs at SSS College are very helpful and friendly. I hope to go on to do the level 4 business. I wish to gain more experience within this field so far. I am enjoying studying at SSS ... Read More

Easa Choudhury

Mr Easa Choudhury is a current student (2018 - 2020) who is on the HND course for Business Studies at SSS.

I am the owner and proprietor of my own fine-dining restaurant since 2010. My experience at SSS is invaluable to me. Especially, as ... Read More

George Llie

I am a passionate person and I always wanted to gain valuable education in my life. I came across SSS while searching for colleges for reputable institute for higher education on the internet. When I visited SSS’s internet page I found courses ... Read More

Ana Maria Aanei

Few years ago, I found myself in a very unfortunate personal and domestic problem, due to which I had no options but to abandon my studies in the midst. However, I was always very passionate about further education and studying at higher education le... Read More

Roger Silva

Attending classes at Scholar School System has significantly improved the quality of my life. Through this course, my perspectives have widened and I have discovered a world of possibilities around me. For many years my life was summed up by just goi... Read More

Suman Miah

With the constant support of my teacher’s and my lead academic officer I have found my time at Scholar’s School System easy and I hope their hard work does not go un-noticed. I have learnt many things not just from an education perspectiv... Read More

Saqib Ali

I heard about Scholars School System through a friend who was studying on the Business Management Level 5 course. He recommended the college to me which is why I joined on the Level 4 course. Having completed the Level 4 course I am looking to progre... Read More

Alexandro Lazar

I have just graduated with SSS in Level 4 Business Management. This opportunity makes me feel good because it will help me get a better job and help me achieve my goals. Thank you very much to everyone at Scholars School System.

Amalia Dona

I am very happy that I’ve studied with Scholars School System and achieved my Level 4 in Business Management. I know in the future this college will give me a better chance of securing a good job. Thank you for everything you have done for me t... Read More

Abdul Azim

I really enjoyed my experience with Scholars School System. I have learnt a lot since joining the business level 4 course. I have learnt a lot about business methods and performance and have been able to develop my presentation, writing and communica... Read More

Abdul Ahad

I heard about Scholars School System through a family friend who is currently enrolled on the HND Business course, they thoroughly recommended the colleges services to me hence why I joined.

I really enjoyed studying with Scholars School S... Read More

Estera Baiculescu

I'm studying HNC Business Level 4 which give me knowledge in how to manage business and that makes me feel like I'm progressing. The course is good and I'm learning new things every day.

Loredana Zelca

The secret of joy at work lies in one word - excellence. Knowing how to do something well means enjoying it. For about 2 years, I have known success professionally, because this school offered me this opportunity! Believe in your dreams and everythin... Read More

Mohammed Mahmudul

I heard about Scholars School System through a friend who previously studied on the business level 5 course. They assured me that this was the college for me.

I enjoyed studying with Scholars School System very much. The teachers were very... Read More

Rubel Ahmed

I visited Scholars School System because I was desperate to return to education. I completed my level three in business a fair few year back and felt that this was the right time for me to return to education. Returning to education brought back grea... Read More

Paraschiv Alexandru Talpalaru

Paraschiv Alexandru Talpalaru (BA (Hons) Business and Management
A wonderful opportunity provided by the college, I have polished by skills that I was not able to do without my teachers and academic support officers assistance. ... Read More

Farzana Kauser

Farzana Kauser- BA (Hons) Business and management
Scholars School System has been a great journey for me. I have learnt so much with help of my academic support officers and teachers. They provide great support especially being ... Read More

Zahid Ali

It was a great experience being a student at Scholars School System and I am grateful for the things I have learnt during my course. All staff were very helpful and motivating and I felt supported throughout my time.

I currently work as a ... Read More

Alexandra Maria Lefter

Alexandra Maria Lefter- (BA (Hons) Business and Management
Throughout support in the academic journey provided by the tutors. Scholars School System is the best place to study university degree. I enjoyed it a lot at the Foundat... Read More

Aminul Choudhury

I heard about Scholars School System through a friend who had done level 3 and 4 courses here before, they gave me the confidence to continue with my studies.

I visited Scholars School System to learn more about a variety of different aspe... Read More

Nadia Ali Alsalomy

I am so happy and proud of myself for gaining this achievement with my hard work. Thanks to my teachers who led me to succeed with their help and support.

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